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Known as the Banana Belt of Montana, the Bitterroot Valley is a desirable destination throughout the year.


Dates: June - August

Weather: Late spring/early summer brings the most precipitation to the valley. Later in the summer is typically very warm and sunny. Temperatures range from 50 - 85 degrees.

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Dates: September - November

Weather: Fall is mild and pleasant, ranging from warm dry days in September to early onsets of winter in November.

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Dates: December - February

Weather: While it might snow earlier in the season, the snow tends to stay in the mountains. Annual snowfall at nearby ski areas (like Lost Trail) is around 200 inches, while the valley floor receives an average of 6 inches. Temperatures range from 17 - 35 degrees.

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Dates: March - May

Weather: The entrance of the spring season varies from year to year and temps range greatly throughout the spring, from 32 - 60 degrees.

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