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Farms & Orchards

Agriculture, orchards, farms, and ranches speckle the map of Bitterroot Valley and define much of the area's history. Today, there are a number of ranches, farms, and orchards that you can visit.

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Where can I visit a local Farm or Orchard?

Farmer's Markets
There are three local farmer's markets that sell local produce, goods, and crafts. The Hamilton Farmer's Market is the largest and also offers live music. Farmer's markets are a great way to connect with local farmers and ranchers.

Fruit Stands and Orchards
There are a handful of local fruit stands scattered throughout the valley that welcome visitors.

  • The Berry Patch: Fruit, veggies, herbs, and berries. Call (406) 239-3162
  • Blue Moon Orchard: Many types of fruit. Call (406) 777-3326
  • Cherry Apple Farm: 250 Chads Road in Hamilton. Organic fruit, cider, pork. Call (406) 363-6139
  • Cider’s Orchard: 227 Surrey Lane in Florence. Organic apples. Call (406) 273-3134
  • Fenced-Out Mule Deer Vineyards: 822 Promise Ln in Corvallis. Fruit, berries, and veggies. Call (406) 961-3285
  • Frost Top Orchard: 634 Quast Lane in Corvallis. Apples and veggies. Call (406) 961-1509
  • Healthy Harvest Fruits: 579 Porter Hill Road in Stevensville. Organic fruit and veggies also available at Stevensville Farmer's Market. Call (406) 777-3783
  • Sleeping Child Farms: 1639 Sleeping Child Rd. in Hamilton. Weekend farm stand offers fruit, flowers, veggies, eggs, baked goods, and more. Call (406) 375-8765 for more info.

Ranches and Farms
A number of local farms welcome visitors.

  • Lifeline Farm: Cheeses, beef, pork, and sausage. Available at local farmer's markets. Call for info (406) 642-9717 or visit them online.
  • Wild Rose Emu Ranch: Offering everything emu (meat, oils, eggs, and more), including tours. Call ahead (406) 363-1710 or visit their website.
  • Farm Table Restaurant: Specializes in bringing locally grown produce and meats to a restaurant. More info: (406) 375-8765 .