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Hamilton Montana

The county seat and cultural hub of the Bitterroot Valley, Hamilton was in fact a planned community, founded by Copper Barron Marcus Daly. Downtown is filled with restaurants, shops, and boast many annual events.

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Why should I visit Hamilton, Montana?

  • Strolling through Downtown: The hub of the valley, Hamilton's well manicured downtown features historic buildings, unique shops, a great restaurants.
  • Daly Days: This annual July event honors the city founder, Marcus Daly, and includes fun activities and attractions including arts and crafts, food vendors, sidewalk sales, and even a Microbrew Fest.
  • Daly Mansion: Copper king Marcus Daly remodeled a small farmhouse to a beautiful 24,000 sq. ft. mansion. You can visit the mansion, wander the grounds, and take a tour.
  • Blodgett Canyon: Probably the most popular trailhead in the valley, Blodgett Canyon is a great place to embark on a hike, mountain bike ride, or horseback ride.
  • Skalkaho Falls: Head east from Hamilton along Montana Highway 38 to the picturesque Skalkaho Falls and Skalkaho Pass.

Where is Hamilton?

Hamilton is located in the middle of the Bitterroot Valley along Highway 93. It is about an hour south of Missoula.

What sort of Services and Amenities are available?

Hamilton retains all the qualities of Small Town America while offering every amenity a country person could need. There are many places to stay and places to eat. Services include major grocery stores, banks, post office, gas stations, and a variety of shops.

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