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The small town of Darby sits at the southern end of the Bitterroot Valley surrounded by the Bitterroot Range and River, featuring many local festivals and amenities.

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Rye Creek Lodge

Nestled in Bitterroot Valley! Lots of hiking, fishing, and ATV rides! Hand hewn log cabins with fireplaces, laundry facilities, and outdoor hot tubs.

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  • Darby is located at the Bitterroot Valley's southern end. 
  • Enjoy a range of outdoor activities in Bitterroot NF, on the Bitterroot River, and in the Sapphire and Bitterroot Mountains. 
  • Rest at a lodge or inn, gas up your car, and dine at local eateries. 


Situated at the southern end of the Bitterroot Valley, Darby, MT is adjacent to Bitterroot National Forest, with the Sapphire Mountains to its east and the Bitterroot Mountains to its west. This small town offers unique shops, amenities, and a friendly atmosphere, with great recreational opportunity in every direction.


Darby is located along US-93, at the southern end of the Bitterroot Valley.


Although a small community, Darby offers several types of accommodation including lodges, campgrounds, bed and breakfasts, RV parks, and inns. Dining options include traditional American fare at saloons, bars, diners and cafes as well as Italian, Mexican and other ethnic choices. Three services stations are also located here.


Many of the activities found in or around Darby, Montana are associated with Bitterroot National Forest and the Bitterroot River.

In the summer, fish or float the Bitterroot River or spend some time exploring the Sapphire and Bitterroot Mountains in Bitterroot National Forest. Hiking, ATV riding, mountain biking, camping and sight-seeing are all popular activities. You can also head to Lake Como, located just west of Darby, for sailing, swimming and boating excursions.

July and August feature exciting local events including Darby’s “Fun Days,” Strawberry Festival,” and “Logger Days.”

In the winter, head further south on US-93 and ski and snowboard at Lost Trail Powder Mountain Ski Area or cross-country ski on the groom trails at Chief Joseph Pass. Snowmobiling is another popular wintertime activity.


In addition to its close proximity to Lost Trail Powder Mountain, Chief Joseph Pass, Bitterroot River, and Lake Como, outdoor attractions near Darby include the infamous trout waters of Rock Creek and the Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge.

In town, visit Darby Pioneer Memorial Museum and see one of the first hand-hewn homestead cabins built in the area as well as other historical artifacts. Afterward, court lady luck at the local casino.

Getting Here

From Missoula, travel 10 miles on US-12 W and continue onto US-93 S for another 53 miles.

Along the way, take in breathtaking views of the valley topped by tall peaks of the Bitterroot Range. Pause at one of the may fishing accesses along the Bitterroot River and cast for big trout or simply lunch at one of the picnic areas.

As you pass through Stevensville, stop at St. Mary’s Mission and see where Father Ravalli lived and worked. In Hamilton, get a taste of splendor at the Marcus Daly Mansion, home of the late nineteenth century copper magnate.

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