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Teller Wildlife Refuge

Visit the Teller Wildlife Refuge, located along the Bitterroot River near Corvallis. It offers a hiking trail, fishing, conservation education, and lodging at historic houses and cabins.

What can I do and see at the Teller Wildlife Refuge?

  • Teller Hiking Trail: Begin this 1 mile loop trail at the Woodside Bridge Fishing Access. It follows the Bitterroot River and offers great wildlife viewing opportunities.
  • Fishing: Fish right along the banks of the Bitterroot River from the Woodside Bridge Fishing Access.
  • Volunteer: While the refuge arranges long-term volunteer programs, anyone can sign up and help out for a day. Call the office and let them know when you would like to volunteer.
  • Stay Overnight: The Teller manages four historic cabins and lodges that are available for nightly rental. Stay right on the refuge!

Where is the Teller Refuge?

Stop by the Teller Refuge office before exploring the Teller Trail or going fishing. The office is located on the corner of the Eastside Highway and Quast Lane, just north of Corvallis. The fishing area and hiking trails are accessible at the Woodside Bridge Fishing Access, on the east side of the Bitterroot River along Woodside Cutoff Road.

How much does it cost to visit?

It is free to visit. It operates as a non-profit so donations are always appreciated.

When is it open?


Who can I contact with more questions?

Visit the Teller Website or call them at (406)961-3507.