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Bitterroot River

The Bitterroot River characterizes the Bitterroot Valley. Its waters are the center of recreation for activities like fishing and floating.

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What can I see and do along the Bitterroot River?

  • Fishing: Fly fishing the Bitterroot River offers some of the most rewarding fishing around. You can easily wade the waters of the upper river, particularly between Conner and Hamilton. Below Hamilton, float the river in a raft or drift boat for the best access. When the summers get hot or the crowds get too thick, head up river or to the East or West Forks near the southern edge of the valley.
  • Canoeing or Scenic Float: The calm waters allow for fantastic floating and wildlife viewing. Head out in the early morning or evening to avoid the heat and for your best bet at viewing wildlife.
  • Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge: This should be on the top of the list for birders, but the Lee Metcalf Refuge is worth a visit for anyone. Explore a few interpretive trails, show up in the wee hours of the morning and view wildlife, or go fishing along the banks of the Bitterroot River.

Where is the Bitterroot River?

The Bitterroot River runs south to north right through the middle of the Bitterroot Valley. Beginning at the confluence of the West and East Forks near Conner, Montana, the Bitterroot meanders roughly 75 miles until it merges with the Clarks Fork near Missoula, Montana.