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Nestled in its own lush valley, the Bitterroot Valley is a destination that requires planning.

What is the best route for driving into the Bitterroot Valley?

The closest major city, Missoula, also offers the easiest access to the valley. From Missoula, simply drive south on Highway 93. Hamilton, Montana sits at the heart of the Bitterroot Valley and is about an hour drive from Missoula.

If traveling from the south over Lost Trail Pass, most visitors will be coming from either Idaho Falls (roughly 4 hours), Sun Valley (5 hours), or Boise (6.5 hours).

What airports can I fly into?

The Missoula International Airport (MSO) offers easy access to the Bitterroot Valley from major cities throughout the west. There are also two small airports within the Bitterroot Valley but they only serve private planes and scenic flights.

Do I need a car to explore the Bitterroot Valley?

Yes! Public transportation is very limited in the valley. Visitors should plan to rent a car from the Missoula Airport.

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